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Provide payment information when you create a listing so that buyers will be able to pay easily through the checkout process when they see the "Pay Now" buttons.

Note: Checkout is available on Auction-style listings, Fixed Price listings, and eBay Store Inventory listings. Best of all, Checkout is free for both sellers and buyers.

Help buyers make their bidding or buying decisions quickly and reduce timely email exchanges trying to determine shipping costs and other payment details.

Tip: Sellers, help buyers initiate Checkout and pay faster: accept PayPal with all your listings.

Once the listing has ended, Checkout information will appear at the top of your listings. Buyers will see links which will guide them through the Checkout process until they reach the "Pay Now" buttons. As a seller, the payment process is even quicker if you accept PayPal!
Completing the sale is convenient when the buyer Checkout is used in a listing because all charges related to the sale are included in the final total. The buyer simply clicks on "Pay Now" button and follows the steps outlined.

For sellers, using Checkout is a time saver. Once the buyer has completed the Checkout process, sellers will receive an email confirmation with the buyer's shipping address, payment method, and any additional messages the buyer has entered. If you want to determine the status of your listing, go to my eBay where you can see the following.

• Checkout completed

• PayPal payment made

• PayPal payment received

Click here for a quick tutorial!

New! Merchandise your other items in eBay Checkout with the Cross-Promotions tool.

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