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Paying it forward with help right "out of the"blue"

Danna Crawford (danna) is a big believer in the "Pay It Forward" concept, but an extra shot of inspiration came from a buyer who showed her just how good "doing good" can be.

Danna Crawford (danna) has been an eBay member for more than 10 years. "When I started selling on eBay and realized I could make a living doing it, I quit my job to stay home with my kids," she says. "Now that I've prepared them for life, I wanted to share my experiences and encourage other moms to stay home and be with their kids too."

She's an eBay Education Specialist and a Trading Assistant who's focused on helping other stay-at-home moms learn to sell on eBay. To do that, she wrote an eBook called "How to be an eBay PowerSelling Mom."

One day, a customer with an eBay username that referenced being blue-eyed and Latin came along and bought the book (along with a few others) from her eBay Store-and then strangely, she came back the next day and bought them all again. "I thought she'd done it twice by accident, so I wrote to her and asked if she'd made a mistake. I told her I'd be happy to refund her money or send her other books instead."

"But she wrote me back a beautiful email saying 'I've seen what you do for working moms and for others, and I'd really like you to keep the money and donate that eBook to a needy mom who wants to learn to sell on eBay.'"

"I was so touched by it. It was just such an amazing and beautiful thing that someone would come along and 'pay it forward' to help another person in need."

And sure enough, a needy mom came along. She was struggling, and Danna could see by looking at her Store and her eBay sales that she didn't quite have the hang of it yet. "So I sent her my eBook, 'Compliments of a blue-eyed Latin eBay angel in her honor.' It was really a special moment, and to know that I'm out there helping others and people are benefitting from my experience is just one of those things that keeps me going."

"I can truthfully say I never missed a single one of my childrens' events-soccer games, recitals, I was there for all of them, and I've been a big part of their lives. I'm an eBay cheerleader, what can I say?"

"I never missed a single one of my childrens' events thanks to eBay"
—Danna Crawford